Allianz Car Crash Hotel

Preventing crashes one nap at a time

As the biggest car insurance company, Allianz knows as no other that one out of five traffic accidents happen because of drowsy driving.

So to make people aware of this behavior, Allianz will offer a place to safely crash. Next to a festival area Allianz will place car wrecks that are rebuild to function as sleeping capsules. Visitors of the festival are able to take a nap here before getting back behind the wheel.


This way we can prevent more car accidents and make people aware of the danger of drowsy driving, making the road a safer place together.

This car is the perfect place to crash after a long day of partying. It has room for a company of three. Has airconditioning and 3.5 cupholders. A five star rating


Because the previous tenants fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed the windows won’t really close. Luckily for them the airbags did what they had to do.


But unfortunately the driver in the other car wasn’t so lucky. Because of the negligence of the previous tenants he now has to learn how to walk again.


Prevent drowsy driving by booking a place to crash.

Looking for a powernap then this is the place for you. With a luxury bed for 1 it’s ideal for a quick nap before joining the road again.


Unfortunately the former tenant didn't get a quick power nap before getting on the road. Because he just wanted to go home quickly. Which resulted in a crash where the man hit a tree. And because he didn’t put on his seatbelt, this car has a slight draft through the front window, resulting in a 3 out of a 5 star rating.


Prevent drowsy driving by booking a place to crash.

Airbnb & Allianz

Every crashed car can be booked with AirBnb. Here you can look at the different places to crash and read about their stories.


All cars used have been in accidents that were caused by drowsy driving.

The hotel will be available at all major festivals in the Netherlands.