It’s the fear of every big mobile data user, that at the end of the month,

you exceeded the data limit of your bundle and get extra costs.


Thats strange, because why would you punish your loyal customers

that use your network the most?

The idea

For the customers of Tele2 that really use every inch of your network and have the biggest data bundle (24GB a month) we have a surprise. Instead of punishing them for using to much data, why not reward them for using the network to the fullest? When they exceed their limit and with 24GB you’ll really have to try hard to do that, we invite them for an exclusive club.

Welcome to the club

The Big Mother Fucking Data Club. It’s filled with perks and exclusive offers that no one else gets.


Early releases of new phones, exclusives events and loads of Tele2 gadgets. They are also invited to our exclusive Tele2 data club that can only be accessed through a personal online appointment or geo location, here people can get access to live performances of several artists in an unknown location.

The perks

concept by Jason Stolk & Sid van Zijp