Tweet to build

Sportlife will invite an extreme sport athlete to do the jump of a lifetime. But there is a catch, because the height of the ramp is not yet determined. Allowing the fans to decide how high and how extreme the ramp will be. Every time they tweet about the ramp, it will raise the stakes and the height of the ramp. Fans have a week to tweet the ramp to an extreme height.

To insure that things will not get out of hand, we will have a maximum height, when this is reached a new element will come into play. The tweets will determine what our athlete will jump over! With a 10.000 tweets he will have to cross a tank with sharks and after 20.000 a tank with sharks and an open cage with lions etc.


The jump will take place after the week of tweeting, through a live feed all the fans can watch as the Sportlife athlete attempts the jump of a lifetime. The social ramp will be the event of the year because the fans have the power to make it as extreme as they want. In the end the brand will live up to their 'Always go for the bigger plus' mentality.