The Nederlands Fotomuseum was looking for a way to make their collection by Ed van der Elsken accessible to a new, younger target group in an innovative and digital way. And if those young people come to the museum, get them to have a better look at our collection.

So we created an App and a binge worthy Instagram series that tells all the rich stories behind Ed and his work. In Lust for life an original instagram story we take a deep dive into the work of Ed, his way of working, his influence on current day photographers and his influence in the life of some well known creators.

You can still watch them @nlfotomuseum

Client: Nederlands Fotomuseum

Agency: IN10/DOOR

Role: Art director, animator, content

Awards: Golden Lovie - Peoples choice Lovie

Five seasons 

of binge worthy 


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A naked selfie is the only way Ed can be introduced.

Looking at Ed with makers and influencers.

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Every season revealed more about how Ed worked.

Episodes with:

Sabrina Starke 

Dennis Storm


Steven van Lummel

Nicolaas Veul 

Stacii Samidin

Anne Geene

Florian Braakman

Raymond van Mill

Jan dirk van der Burg