The challenge, start a conversation with the citizens of Rotterdam about the future of their city. 

So we did. In a 360 campaign we started thousands of conversations about the future of Rotterdam with every part of society. The biggest conversation was held online. We created an online video survey with non other than the Mayor of Rotterdam Aboutaleb.

Put up a poster campaign with future talking points, send out street teams to talk one-on-one.

and to reach a younger audience we used freestyle footballer and social influencer Soufiane Touzani. We put him on tour through Rotterdam on a driving couch,  because we believe that the best conversations are held on a couch.

All input we received we turned into insights and open data for everybody to use, giving valuable information back to the citizens of Rotterdam.

Starting a conversation

with the city Rotterdam

Building a future for Rotterdam together

Client: Gemeente Rotterdam

Agency: IN10

Role: Art Director/creative

Year: 2018/2019


Let's talk with

the mayor

Have a chat on

a driving couch with Touzani

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