During the day I’m an art director at IN10, but in the evening I turn into a 3D animator, film and internet junkie.

I like ideas that go kaBOOOM!!

Simple ideas, stupid ideas, complex ideas, beautifully crafted ideas or put together in 3 seconds with super mighty glue and a bunch of sticks ideas. Ideas that make you think, smile or make you angry. Ideas with a little bit of an attitude, that’s what I like.

Some places I've worked at:

IN10 creative digital agency (art director)

INDIE Amsterdam (jr. art director)

TBWA\NEBOKO (jr. art director)

Wubbe/fox on the run (freelance 3D artist)

Mirage 3D (3D animator)

Stuff I'm sort of good at:

Art direction

Creative concepting

Motion design

3D animation

Bad habits:

I laugh at inappropriate things a lot

Need to know more?

I'll tell you my whole life story for a beer.

Let’s connect and make awesome sh*t.